ISO 28000

  • Act/Rule/Legislation

  • Area of Application

    Good Practices - Warehouse, Transport, Logistics, Manufacturing

  • Description

    Supply chain security management systems based on the ISO 28000 certification standard identify the risk levels across your supply chain operations. This information then enables your organisation to carry out risk assessments and apply the necessary controls with supporting management tools (i.e. document controls, key performance indicators, internal audit and training).

    ISO 28000:2007 specifies the requirements for a security management system, including those aspects critical to security assurance of the supply chain. Security management is linked to many other aspects of business management. Aspects include all activities controlled or influenced by organizations that impact on supply chain security. These other aspects should be considered directly, where and when they have an impact on security management, including transporting these goods along the supply chain.

    ISO 28000:2007 is applicable to all sizes of organizations, from small to multinational, in manufacturing, service, storage or transportation at any stage of the production or supply chain that wishes to:

    a) establish, implement, maintain and improve a security management system;

    b) assure conformance with stated security management policy;

    c) demonstrate such conformance to others;

    d) seek certification/registration of its security management system by an Accredited third party Certification Body; or

    e) make a self-determination and self-declaration of conformance with ISO 28000:2007.

    There are legislative and regulatory codes that address some of the requirements in ISO 28000:2007.

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