Global Food Safety Partnership

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    The global food safety partnership (GFSP) is an innovative public-private initiative dedicated to supporting global cooperation for food safety capacity building. The partnership's main goal is to promote and coordinate capacity building for improved food safety systems, agri-food value chains, and public health outcomes. The GFSP serves as a platform in which concerned international organizations, public sector agencies, private sector producers, processors and retailers, technical service providers, leading academic institutions, consumer groups, and other stakeholders can convene to work out synchronized, collaborative approaches to food safety issues rather than working separately and independently. The approach to the second-year work plan remains opportunistic in terms of selecting and implementing those activities that have support from partners and good potential to demonstrate early positive outcomes; in order to build a portfolio of successfully implemented projects using the public-private partnership approach. The adjusted second-year work plan will build on the existing momentum, but with greater focus on facilitation, convening, and coordination. Opportunities will continue to be sought to leverage additional resources through parallel initiatives, such as World Bank-supported investment project

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