BS EN 15696:2008

  • Act/Rule/Legislation

  • Area of Application

    Good Practices - Warehouse, Transport, Logistics, Manufacturing

  • Description

    Self storage. Specification for self storage services

    BS EN 15696:2008 aims to promote a customer focussed approach to the commercial provision of customer direct access space for storage purposes, to both businesses and private individuals.

    BS EN 15696 specifies requirements for the provision of self storage facilities and related services, for both personal and business purposes.

    BS EN 15696 gives recommendations on:

    The self storage facility
    Self storage units
    Response to enquiry
    Drafting and completion of the self storage contract
    Contract period
    Late payment and lien
    Unit vacate process
    After sales service
    Insurance and risk management
    Operations and human resources
    Implementation of BS EN 15696
    Claims of Conformity.

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