Protection of Rights of Workmen and Employers and Their Trade Unions

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    No person shall interfere with, restrain or coerce a workman or an employer in the exercise of his rights to form, to join trade union or to participate in its lawful activities Employers and their trade unions are prohibited from: (a) imposing any condition in a contract of employment seeking to restrain the right of a person to join a trade union, or to continue his membership in a trade union; (b) refusing to employ any person on the ground that he is or is not a member or an officer of a trade union; (c ) discriminating against any person in regard to employment, promotions on the ground that he is or is not a member or officer of a trade union; (d) dismissing or threatening to dismiss a workman when he intends to become or persuade others to become member of a trade union or when he participate in activities of his trade union. No workman or trade union of workmen and no person acting on behalf of such trade union shall - (a) except with the consent of the employer, persuade at the employer’s place of business during working hours a workman of the employer to join or refrain from joining a trade union. ; (b) intimidate any person to become or refrain from becoming or to continue to be or to cease to be a member or officer of a trade union; or (c ) induce any person to refrain from becoming or cease to be a member or officer of a trade union.

  • Penalty

    Any person who contravenes— (a) any provision of Industrial Relations Act 1967; (b) any summons, order or direction given or made under this Act, shall be guilty of an offence and shall, on conviction, where no express penalty is provided, be liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years or to a fine not exceeding five thousand ringgit or to both: Provided that no contravention of any provision of Parts II, III (other than sections 9 and 10) or IV (other than subsection 13(8) and subsection 16(1)) shall be deemed to be an offence punishable under this section. Any person who attempts to commit any offence punishable under this Act, or abets the commission of such offence, shall be punished with the punishment provided for that offence.

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