Plan Approval For Fire Safety Works

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    Whoever wishes to commence or carry out any proposed fire safety works in any building shall apply in accordance with the Regulations made under the Fire Safety Act to the Fire Safety and Shelter Department (FSSD) for approval of the plans of the fire safety works. The Singapore Civil Defence Forces maintains and enforces a high standard of fire safety in buildings so as to ensure a safe and secure home and work place in Singapore. The requirements for a fire safety approval and the application form can be found at:

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    What should I do before making an application? You should engage a Professional Engineer to carry out the testing of the fire protection system and fire safety measures in the building before making an application. The Professional Engineer has to ensure that the systems are maintained and in working condition. You should also ensure that there is no existence of fire hazards in the building. Who should apply for a fire certificate? The owner or occupier or industial building is required to apply for a fire certificate. The owner or occupier may engage property agent, Fire Safety Manager (FSM), contractor or Professional Engineer to submit the application on his behalf. What is the purpose of the fire certificate scheme? The Fire Certificate Scheme is to ensure that the fire protection systems and fire safety measures are properly maintained and in good working condition. They should be tested in accordance with the relevant codes of practice. In the event of outbreak of fire, if the fire protection system does not activate or function, fire may spread and cause serious injuries, fatalities and destruction to properties. Losses can be avoided if the fire protection system is activated and is able to function properly.