Petroleum / Flammable Materials Storage Licence

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    The Fire Safety Act (FSA) regulates the storage of petroleum and flammable materials. A licence is required for storage of highly flammable petroleum and flammable materials products with a flash point below 93 degree celsius. The regulatory control will ensure that proper fire safety measures and procedures are undertaken by the licencee for the storage of petroleum and flammable materials in the premises and within the compound to ensure safe environment. A storage licence is not required if the storage is within the exemption quantity. For more details please visit:

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    What conditions do I need to fulfill? •The licensed premises shall be constructed and installed in accordance with the provisions of the Fire Safety ( Building Fire Safety ) Regulations and the Code of practice for fire precautions in buildings or accepted codes of practice related to the class of petroleum and flammable materials for which the premises is to be used. •A copy of the Emergency Response Plan shall be kept at the premises. •Proper warning signs and caution labels in accordance with SS 586 are to be displayed at the storage location. •The licensee shall ensure that licensed premises and fire safety systems are well maintained and protected against tempering. What supporting documents do I need to submit? •One copy of approved plan or certified true copy of the approved plan showing the location of the premises and proposed storage area. •A copy of Temporary Fire Permit or Fire Safety Certificate of the premises if it is issued by JTC or HDB or LTA. However, if it is issued by SCDF, the applicant is required to fill in the BP Plan number only for on-line submission. •A copy of Emergency Response plan. •For bulk tanks and major piped installation, additional documents such as Manufacturer's reports and all the relevant test reports duly endorsed by a Professional Engineer are to be submitted. •To submit the approval letter from URA and LTA for the proposed storage area of the LPG manifold system. •For HDB Eating House, additional documents such as location plan of the LPG storage area must be endorsed by Town Council, Professional Engineer's Certification/Tests report/LPG schematic diagrams and the supplier's letter of undertaking are to be submitted. Who can I contact for further details? For further clarification, you may contact Licensing Officers at the following contact nos. : Mr Johnson Wong ,Mr Azmi Md Hashim,Mr Samsaidi or Mr Jusmani Amat at tel 68481432, 68481434, 68481474 or 68481472 Mr Md Faizal Mazlan at tel: 68481495 Mr K Mahaintharan at tel: 68481429 Ms Alice Seto at tel: 68481485 Mr Heng Keng Liang at tel: 68481428 Mr Muhathir Mohamad at tel: 68481442 Central tel line 68481472 Fax : 68481494