Licence for Import/Transhipment of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

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    People who wish to import fresh fruits and vegetables into Singapore have to apply for "Licence for Import/Transhipment of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables" through the online business licensing services: Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Fresh fruits and vegetables refer to unprocessed and raw fruits and vegetables, which are intended for human consumption. The import, export or transhipment of processed fruits and vegetables are under the purview of AVA's Food Control Division (FCD). IMPORT Fresh fruits and vegetables, which are fit for human consumption, may be imported from any country. An import permit issued by the AVA is required for every consignment of fruits and vegetables imported. Traders may apply for the permit by declaring the import through the TradeNet system. The system will route the declaration to Plant Regulatory Branch (Fruits & Vegetables), AVA for processing. Upon approval, the import permit for the consignment is incorporated in the Cargo Clearance Permit printed at the trader's terminal. INSPECTION All imported fresh fruits and vegetables are subject to inspection. Samples may be taken for laboratory analysis. OTHERS All imports of fresh fruits and vegetables shall comply with prevailing regulations laid down by AVA. The products imported shall not contain pesticide residues or toxic chemical residues exceeding that prescribed under rule 9 of The Control of Plants (Import & Transhipment of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables) Rules. The following information shall be stated on the containers of the fresh fruits and vegetables at the time of import: Name and address of the producer of the products; Product description; and Date of export / packing. Fresh fruits and vegetables may be transhipped through Singapore. The procedures to apply for such approval are similar to that for import.

  • Penalty

    Any person who is guilty of an offence under these Rules shall be liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding $10,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 3 years or to both.

  • Application Guidelines / Responsible Persons / Comments

    What conditions do you need to fulfill? To apply for this licence, you must be a company or business that is registered with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) formerly Registry of Companies and Businesses (RCB). Your company must also have an Unique Entity Number (UEN). This UEN has to be registered with Singapore Customs if you are doing trading. For further enquiries on UEN registration with Singapore Customs, you may call them at Tel: 1800- 3552000. All self-employed persons applying for or renewing Government trade licences must be up-to-date in Medisave contributions (For more information, you could refer to the "Medisave For The Self-Employed Handbook"). You may wish to check with the Central Provident Fund (CPF) Board before applying or renewing your licence. Please note that we will not be able to consider your application or renewal if your Medisave contributions are not up-to-date. You are required to submit the completed Application Form for Inter-Bank GIRO. This is to facilitate the opening of a GIRO account with AVA for the payment of the annual licence fee. Fees for permits to import & tranship fresh fruits and vegetables through the Tradenet system will also be deducted through inter-bank GIRO. Please note that before the inter-bank GIRO account with AVA is established, permit applications will only be approved after payment for the permit fee is made. What supporting documents do I need to submit? No supporting document is required. How soon can my application be processed? Generally, a completed application will be processed within 1 working day (express service) or more than 1 full working day (normal service). Depending on how urgently you require the licence, the fees would vary according. Any incomplete or incorrect submission may result in a delay in the processing time.