Licence for Import/Export/Transhipment of Meat and Fish Products

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    This compliance is applicable to any people wishing to import, export and/or transship meat and/or fish products. The application can be made online at the following website:

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    What conditions do I need to fulfill? To apply for this licence, you must be a company or business that is registered with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) formerly Registry of Companies and Businesses (RCB). All Singapore-registered companies, including newly registered ones, will have a UEN ( Unique Entity Number )issued by ACRA. Newly registered company will have to register their UEN number with Singapore Customs. Please refer to the Singapore Customs' circular dated 19 December 2008 on "Activation of Customs Account". For further enquiries on registration of UEN with Singapore Customs, you may call them at Tel: 1800-3552000. All self-employed persons applying for or renewing Government trade licences must be up-to-date in Medisave contributions (For more information, you could refer to the "Medisave For The Self-Employed Handbook". You may wish to check with the Central Provident Fund Board before applying or renewing your licence. Please note that we will not be able to consider your application or renewal if your Medisave contributions are not up-to-date. You are required to submit the completed Application Form for Inter-Bank GIRO. This is to facilitate the opening of a GIRO account with AVA for the payment of the annual licence fee. Fees for permits to import, export or tranship meat products and fish products through the Tradenet system will also be deducted through inter-bank GIRO. Please note that before the inter-bank GIRO account with AVA is established, permit applications will only be approved after payment for the permit fee is made. How soon can my application be processed? Generally, a completed application will be processed within 1 full working day (for urgent service) or more than 1 full working day (normal service) depending on how quickly you require the licence, the fees would vary accordingly. Any incomplete or incorrect submission may result in a delay in the processing time. How much does this licence cost and how long is it valid? The Licence for Import, Export and Transhipment of Meat Products and Fish Products is $84 per annum for normal service and $168 per annum for urgent service if the licence is to be collected within 1 full working day. Please note that with effect from 1st October 2006, there is an application fee of $21.50 for each application submitted. Renewal notice will be sent to the licensee prior to the expiry date. Please inform AVA in writing if you do not wish to renew the licence. If we do not hear from you, your licence will be renewed and fee will be deducted from your GIRO account accordingly.