Foreign Company Registration

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  • Initial Setup or Ongoing Maintenance

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  • Filing and Maintenance Requirements

    (1) Every foreign company shall, before it establishes a place of business or commences to carry on business in Singapore, lodge with the Registrar for registration (a) a certified copy of the certificate of its incorporation or registration in its place of incorporation or origin or a document of similar effect; (b) a certified copy of its charter, statute or memorandum and articles or other instrument constituting or defining its constitution; (c) a list of its directors containing similar particulars with respect to its directors as are by this Act required to be contained in the register of the directors, managers and secretaries of a company incorporated under this Act; (d) where the list includes directors resident in Singapore who are members of the local board of directors, a memorandum duly executed by or on behalf of the foreign company stating the powers of the local directors; (e) a memorandum of appointment or power of attorney under the seal of the foreign company or executed on its behalf in such manner as to be binding on the company and, in either case, verified in the prescribed manner, stating the names and addresses of 2 or more natural persons resident in Singapore authorised to accept on its behalf service of process and any notices required to be served on the company; and (f) notice of the situation of its registered office in Singapore and, unless the office is open and accessible to the public during ordinary business hours on each business day, the days and hours during which it is open and accessible to the public, (g) and on payment of the appropriate fees and subject to this Act the Registrar shall register the company under this Division by registration of the documents. (2) Where a memorandum of appointment or power of attorney lodged with the Registrar in pursuance of subsection (1)(e) is executed by a person on behalf of the company, a copy of the deed or document by which that person is authorised to execute the memorandum of appointment or power of attorney, verified by statutory declaration in the prescribed manner, shall be lodged with the Registrar and the copy shall for all purposes be regarded as an original. (3) Subsection (1) shall apply to a foreign company which was not registered under the repealed written laws but which, immediately before 29th December 1967, had a place of business or was carrying on business in Singapore and, on that date, had a place of business or was carrying on business in Singapore, as if it established that place of business or commenced to carry on that business on that date.

  • Penalty

    If default is made by any foreign company in complying with any provision of this Division, other than a provision in which a penalty or punishment is expressly mentioned, the company and every officer of the company who is in default and every agent of the company who knowingly and wilfully authorises or permits the default shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding $1,000 and also to a default penalty.

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